Our Staff

With a wealth of experience in behavioural intervention and early learning programmes, our team of over 100 qualified and well-trained therapists is supported by our consultants to provide the best education for your child.
We are very proud of the low turnover in our team, which translates into a consistent and stable learning environment in which your child can thrive and establish a personal connection with familiar faces. Keen on people-oriented values, our staff are some of the most qualified and caring therapists in the field.
Our Supervisors & Therapists

Our supervisors are case managers who take charge of clinical assessment, program/individual education plan (IEP) development, clinical supervision and clinical meetings with parents. They have an average of 8 years of experience in behavioural and language intervention. Our therapists, with an average 3 years of clinical experience, work closely with your child in achieving individualized learning goals progressively. As the first point of contact, they keep track of your child's progress and address any changing needs observed.

Staff Training

All our staff are trained by our Principal Consultant, Dr James Partington and Social Thinking® Author, Michelle Garcia Winner. Continuous training is our code of professionalism. We have frequent staff training sessions every month. Before being assigned to their first case, all therapists go through a systematic ABA-VA training program which include natural environment teaching, verbal behavior instruction, shaping of behavior, reinforcement techniques, discrete trial teaching, correction procedures, interspersed techniques and data collection methods.On top of that, our staff also receive training in Social Thinking, shadow teaching and self-help skills. Continuous training enables our staff to be sophisticated, consistent and up-to-date in their clinical practices that best meet the needs of children experiencing developmental delays.

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